Our solutions are more than just software. They are dynamically bound up with a world-class methodology. We work with you to express your business rules in the system, and then to gain ongoing benefits.

Consulting can be broken into two distinct stages: implementation and maintenance support.

Once the decision has been made to purchase a ProcureTrade solution, a consultant is assigned to manage the implementation process.

Once a new system is implemented, some software companies believe that is where their job ends. ProcureTrade recognises, and is well known for, providing ongoing support to clients to ensure maximum benefit is gained from our products. All ProcureTrade clients are assigned a product consultant who is available via phone, fax, or email to respond to questions or system issues. Product consultants operate both on and off client sites depending on clients’ needs and the complexity of the issue at hand.

ProcureTrade’s unique Certification Scheme ensures a quality, competency based approach to training.
For example inventory optimization consists of four courses, each with a practical and theoretical certification test:

Oniqua - Driving better dicisions.