Drive Value From Your ERP system: Leverage your transactional data. 
Most large organizations have invested heavily in modern, integrated, transactional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. These ERP implementations have automated and streamlined thousands of mundane daily transactions that were previously processed by hand.  The effect has been a great improvement in consistency and productivity.

These systems have helped to automate business workflow, but have they actually improved business outcomes?  Few companies have unlocked the information that enables them to make faster and more accurate business decisions from within the mass of data collected and stored in their ERP environments. Enterprise Analytics do this ...(click here to view brochure)

Oniqua Enterprise Analytics: Tuning Your ERP System Oniqua has dedicated more than a decade of research and development into delivering an Enterprise Analytics suite for asset intensive industries.  Oniqua Maintenance Analyzer, Oniqua Inventory Optimizer and Oniqua Procurement Strategizer each provide a revolutionary approach to optimizing business costs within their operational context, giving control back to the business. Enterprise Analytics do this by assigning a business value to each item of information, analyzing the impact and then forming recommendations.

Oniqua’s Enterprise Analytics behave like an engine management system by constantly and dynamically fine-tuning the ERP transaction engine’s decision parameters in response to changing conditions. 

Oniqua’s Enterprise Analytics are ERP independent, and are currently applied to systems from SAP, Mincom, JD Edwards, Oracle and others to dynamically optimize the business rules applied to transactions, across operational areas where a significant competitive advantage can be achieved.

Oniqua Enterprise Analytics has four components

Inventory Optimisation
ONIQUA Inventory Optimizer - An inventory optimisation toolset specifically designed for capital-intensive industries, taking into account factors of cost, risk and service levels.

Supplier Relationship Management
ONIQUA Procurement Stragegizer - A supplier management solution that enables the management of a large number of suppliers and the application of strategic sourcing methodologies.

Electronic RFQ
ONIQUA Bid Responder - Supplier enabled software for a managed response to RFQ’s.

Maintenance Management
ONIQUA Maintenance Analyzer - To manage the total cost of owning an asset, asset tracking and analysis of maintenance activities.
Oniqua - Driving better dicisions.