Oniqua Procurement Strategizer
  • Improves price negotiation position

  • Drives down procurement costs

  • Improves supplier performance

  • Helps buyers and suppliers work towards long-term, mutual benefits

  • Increases competitive advantage

  • Maximizes corporate leverage

  • Frees up resources

sustained competitive advantage through better procurement

Procurement Strategizer analyses and dynamically segments the transactional data from ERP systems necessary to improve supplier relationships.  It also enables procurement professionals to generate electronic Requests for Quotation (RFQ) and automatically compare bids with consideration to more than just price.

Procurement Strategizer uses a similar methodology to Inventory Optimizer which gives it the power to free up resources so companies can control costs, manage product quality, and improve supplier responsiveness.

To learn more about Procurement Strategizer download the brochures and presentations displayed below.

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