Maintenance Analyzer

  • Immediate decrease in cost of Preventive Maintenance budget due to data and frequency rationalization (expected 10 to15%);

  • Long term 15 to 20 % saving of total maintenance budget through continuous improvement initiatives;

  • Reduce the total cost of equipment ownership.

control maintenance activities with dynamic strategies

Maintenance in Asset Intensive Industries
It is estimated that 18 to 30 per cent of every dollar spent on maintenance is wasted. While under-maintaining receives significant attention due to an evident waste trail of frequent and long breakdowns, over-maintaining when left unchallenged  silently but constantly squanders precious maintenance resources that impact on direct costs, and the profitability of our businesses.

Without an analytical framework, calculating the optimal balance between  under-maintaining and over-maintaining from the transactions collected by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is nearly impossible.  Applying sophisticated analysis to maintenance transactional data can forecast future demand and predict the impacts of process changes using ‘what if’ analysis, resulting in more robust decisions and greater clarity of decision making across multiple departments.

Oniqua Maintenance Analyzer
Oniqua Maintenance Analyzer is an analytical tool that ‘snaps on’ to a company’s maintenance management system (eg ERP, CMMS, EAM and condition monitoring systems), drawing on the wealth of corporate system’s transactional data to analyze the timing and performance of maintenance tasks.  Maintenance Analyzer enables the maintenance team to review and continuously tailor maintenance strategies. A dynamic feedback loop enables continual alignment of the corporate system to the maintenance strategy.
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