Bid Responder

Bid Responder is a freeware product used to respond to RFQ's put out by procurement professionals who use Procurement Strategizer.  It has been designed to make the bidding process more efficient, and the responses consistent for analysis.

If you are responding to an RFQ please download Bid Responder now. 
Download Bid Responder
Description: Bid Responder Installation Program
File size: 1.14MB
Type of file: ZIP (Compressed ZIP file)
System requirements: Java(tm) Runtime Environment 1.3, Windows 9x/NT4/ME/2000/XP, Screen resolution of 800x600+

Download Java Runtime Environment
In order for Bid Responder to operate successfully the Java(tm) Run-time Environment 1.3.1 (J2RE) needs to be installed first. This software will allow Bid Responder to run on the Microsoft Windows platform.
The J2RE is actually a Sun Microsystems Inc. product and can be alternatively downloaded from their website by Clicking Here

Description: Java(tm) Runtime Environment 1.3 (J2RE) International Version
File size: 7.87MB
Type of file: EXE (Executable Application)
System requirements: Windows 9x/NT4/ME/2000/XP

Download Bid Responder Installation/help guide
The Installation/Help guide provides instructions to aid with the installation and usage of Bid Responder. Please note: You do not need to manually download this file now. Bid Responder will automatically download this help file when you access its help system for the first time.

Description: Help Documentation
File size: 1.66MB
Type of file: PDF (Acrobat Document)
System requirements: Acrobat Reader 3+
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