Inventory Optimizer Business Case Proved
Following successful pilot projects at two of its sites to prove the business case, implementation of Oniqua Inventory Optimizer has commenced at one of Australia's largest coal producers, a wholly owned division of one of the world's largest mining houses

Global miner selects Oniqua
Two divisions of a global mining enterprise selected Oniqua to deal with two different business issues. One was converting, consolidating and cleansing data elements for several existing and acquired operations into a standard SAP system, the other was loading maintenance information derived from the ARMS Reliability Engineers Tools through Oniqua Maintenance Analyzer into SAP for a plant expansion project.

Procurement Strategizer Selected
Implementation of Oniqua Procurement Strategizer has commenced at the Latin American operation of the world’s largest gold producer, following the successful implementation of Oniqua Inventory Optimizer earlier in the year at the same site. The main focus of the solution will be assisting with supplier performance management.


Oil & Gas Giant Takes Off
The first phase of the Oniqua Inventory Optimizer implementation for a division of a global petroleum company has been completed at the largest oil field in North America. Oniqua's partner Alaskan Supply Chain Integrators (ASCI) will continue to use Oniqua Inventory Optimizer on behalf of the client to review and manage the client's MRO inventories.
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ProcureTrade is a partner of Oniqua, a world leader in the field of Enterprise Analytics, Cataloguing and Content Improvement.

Our customers are asset intensive organisations in Mining, Processing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas industries who are seeking to leverage their investment in ERP and EAM systems such as SAP™, Oracle®, PeopleSoft (JDE), MRO® and Mincom™.

Our vision is to assist our client organisations to release productive capacity. We achieve this vision by providing solutions that standardise, analyse and optimise maintenance, inventory and procurement ERP contents.

Our solutions complement ERP systems, and provide the next step from business intelligence and reporting systems, by closing the loop and feeding back improved content to the corporate transaction system to dynamically drive improved business performance in a systematic and sustainable fashion.

These solutions are more than just software. They are dynamically bound up in world-class methodologies. We work with you to express your business rules in the system, thereby ensuring ongoing benefits. 

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